Friday, March 18, 2016

House Hunting Tips to Find the Perfect Home

People have bought homes and only realized they have made a big mistake after closing the deal with the seller. There are so many beautiful homes out there that it’s easy to get lured into the most prominent features of the home when it hardly meets your needs. You need to be focused on the most important things and approach each home with this in mind.

List down your priorities
What is a must have and what is a want to have in your new home? You should not go looking at houses to know what you need; you need to see if the house meets your needs. This is why the first step of any house hunting process is listing down your priorities. How many bedrooms do you need, do you want ensuite rooms, what size of kitchen do you want, do you need a large back yard? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when listing your home buying priorities. This should help you come up with about 5-must-haves for your new home and you should not compromise until you find at least three or four of these qualities in one house.

Call your real estate agent
Once you are ready with the quality you want in a house, you can call up your real estate agent and find out when you can see some houses. Make sure you bring your list with you. Also carry a note pad and a pen to take down notes. View at least five houses that are in the area you want and fit the general specifications that you discussed with your agent. Take down notes that you will use to create a comparison chart. The comparison chart should contain notes on beds and baths, landscaping, roofing, natural lighting, storage space and cost per square foot of the homes you view. It is a great decision making tool.

Touring a home
No matter how beautiful the house is, remember to stay focused. This is going to be a huge financial decision that you will have to live with for a couple of years to come. Walk around the house and envision yourself, along with all your furniture in it. Is it a good fit? Does it meet your list of requirements? Is there anything new you have noticed that could be a useful feature? These are just some of the questions that should be running through your mind. Do a double take of the entire house just to make sure you get everything.

You can bring furniture measurements
You can bring furniture measurements to a house viewing, especially if you have a strong feeling about the house. Why not find out if it is spacious enough for your furniture. You can also take pictures and videos to help your memory later on when deliberating on which house to pick. You have to get the realtors permission before you can do this, remember not to post then on the internet, not until the house is yours.

Thoroughly inspect the house for any warning signs
During viewings, most houses are often spruced up to make them look very attractive while there is a lot more hidden to the obvious eye. Open cupboards and closets to check if there is enough storage in there. Lift up the rugs, if the open house is not too busy, to see if the flooring is damaged or in good condition. Check out the ceilings, windows, roofs, under the sinks and so on.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Beginners Guide to Booking Great Vacation Rentals

Did you know that you can book a rental vacation home to stay at instead of staying at hotels? Hotels are usually restrictive in quite a number of ways, not to mention the small room sizes that may make it expensive for a large family to stay in the hotel. If you are travelling as a family or a group of friends, vacation rental homes are the best option. There are plenty of them all over the country, luxurious and extremely affordable. When it comes to booking vacation rentals, you should keep the following in mind:

Start booking early
You should start looking for your vacation rental home at least six months before your vacation. If you are planning to travel during the peak vacation season like summer, you should expect a lot of competition for these rentals. When there is a lot of competition, prices normally go up. Booking in advance is the best way to get a great deal, and also to have a wide variety of options when choosing a home.

Your vacation destination should determine where you stay
You have so many options so do not limit yourself by choosing the accommodation first. Find the vacation destination that you have always wanted to explore then seek out the vacation rentals in the area. If it is a popular vacation spot, you will be sure to find quite a number of rental properties up for grabs. Shop around just like you would before picking one deodorant over the other in the drug store. Check out the prices, proximity to popular attractions, amenities available and look at comparable properties to determine which is more affordable before you make a choice.

Try off-peak vacations
If you want to avoid the busy seasons when most of these destinations get crowded, you should consider taking an off-peak vacation. Off-peak vacations are the most affordable because prices are at an all time low. The most popular vacation period is between July and August; you can get some amazing deals any other time of the year.

Read reviews from guests
Vacation rental companies always put their best foot forward when advertising their properties. You will find the most breathtaking pictures from dream destinations. However, it is only through reading the reviews of guests that have stayed there previously that you can tell whether the beach rental is worth a try. Property experiences range from how the food was, the quality of the accommodation and access to various resources.

Get a contract

You should not send any kind of payment to the vacation rental property owner before you secure a contract. This contract is your protection against any unscrupulous dealings by property owners since it is a legal document. The contract should contain all the specified terms agreed on by the property owner. Read through the rental agreement, especially through the fine print and make sure you understand every element inside it before signing. You need to stay as informed as possible to avoid any surprises. 

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