Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5 Characteristics of a Valuable Beachfront Property

Most property that is built close to the water is turned into vacation homes. There’s something exciting and relaxing about living in a beachfront property that makes you feel like you are always on a vacation. But before you get too excited and start viewing some potential property, we will get you started on some important things you need to look for if you want the home you buy to be the perfect vacation spot and also do well in the rental market.

It must be accessible
You need to consider the mode of transport available to access your beachfront home. Will you be able to drive from the city to the vacation home without any difficulties? Are there airports or seaports that allow guests to travel from far and wide to come enjoy their stay at your vacation home? Chances are that you will not be spending the whole time at the beachfront property so you will need to ensure it is accessible for renters.

Low maintenance demands
It is possible for a beachfront property to have low maintenance costs. Find out after how long you will have to replace the roof. Are there any damages to the septic system that need repairs? Also find out if you will be required to connect the property to access certain utilities because such projects may be very costly.

An amazing view
The view of the property you are going to buy is very important. Don’t assume that you will be allowed to cut down the trees that are blocking the view. There are local laws that may prevent you from tampering with the outdoors for one reason or the other. So ensure that you observe the area very well and ask about any changes that you may wish to make to get a better view.  

Consider the rate of erosion
One of the major concerns when it comes to beachfront property is the shifting shorelines. It is wise to ensure that the property you are about to purchase has been constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions like typhoons. If the property is situated in an area that is prone to such extreme weather it should be constructed bearing in mind the national and local building codes. If the rate of erosion in the area is a major concern, you may want to consider buying a property that is a few rows further. Trees can really help to slow down soil erosion in the area and the local authorities may require you to plant some within the compound.

The cost of insurance
Beach front homes are known to attract hefty insurance costs. But they don’t have to. There are so many ways for you to make changes to the property and reduce the cost of insurance. Calculate the average cost of insuring the home before buying it and factor in the different types of discounts you may qualify for. At the end of the day, you should be able to maintain the home for years to come.

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